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Light- to heavy-duty towing services are offered by McCormick Towing Service around the clock, including holidays. You can count on us to arrive promptly if an accident or technical issue necessitates a tow for your car, truck, or SUV.

About Us

We excel at towing heavy loads. No matter the time or kind needed, our clients may depend on us for a wide range of services! We offer emergency towing and roadside services all day and night around Sandy, Utah. Just speed dial (801) 448-0951 and we’ll make sure to be there in just 30 minutes or even less!


Our goal is to grow to be the most comprehensive towing company in Sandy, Utah, as well as the best in terms of the caliber of our work and our ability to provide roadside assistance quickly.


McCormick Towing Service believes that everyone in Sandy, Utah, deserves to receive dependable and affordable towing and roadside assistance. And that’s what we promise to continuously provide.

Our Towing Services

Light Duty Towing

When you require a tow, dial (801) 448-0951. Small-scale towing for cars or motorcycles is our company's specialty! We also offer free estimates, and we'll be pleased to have you back on the road in a short while.

Medium-Duty Towing

With our medium-duty towing service, vehicles weighing between 19,501 and 33,000 pounds can be carried. Our medium-duty towing service is perfect for cars, small trucks, SUVs, and other similar-sized vehicles, saving you more hassle.

Heavy-Duty Towing

McCormick Towing Service has the equipment and knowledge necessary to tackle any heavy-duty work. In addition to providing assistance as soon as possible, we make sure to charge a reasonable service fee. We will be available when you need us the most.

We are always ready to attend to any of your roadside needs

because we are open around-the-clock, seven days a week! Kindly get in touch with us at (801) 448-0951 as soon as possible.

5 Essential Tools for Roadside Safety

If you want to be safe on the roads, make sure your tires are at just enough pressure. The gauge will tell if they’re too low or high for any given weather condition and can save yourself from an uncomfortable drive with improper safety practices!

Anyone who works on cars needs torque wrenches since they can help apply the ideal torque without running the danger of harm. When working overhead, where there isn’t much room left over, there is an interchangeable variety that offers higher accuracy in measuring force with each pass of its handle over fasteners.

If you have a warning light on your car, address it as soon as it comes up. A code reader will help you understand what each message means, making it easy for anyone who has ever read an instruction manual or had their oil changed at Walmart to figure out how all the boxes fit together.

The most important details are that warning triangles should be placed in the middle of an intersection, and reflective and foldable lights should be at least 50 feet away from the car. This will allow other drivers to take appropriate measures before coming close enough to contact them due to their hazards.

Portable and vehicle sized fire extinguishers are a great way to protect yourself while driving. These portable fires can be used on any type of fuel, as well as electrical mishaps! It is ideal if you have one in your car at all times – especially sitting right next to the seat for when something goes wrong unexpectedly like an accident or breakdown.

What Our Clients Say

“I highly recommend McCormick Towing Service if you need towing; they’re the quickest I’ve seen. Plus, they charge just the right price.”

Sharon Velasquez

“McCormick Towing Service offers excellent towing and is prompt and direct in its approach. Definitely, we would suggest McCormick Towing Service.”

Frederick Bowman

McCormick Towing Service constantly offers prompt and pleasant services. They should be given more praise!”                 

Tyrell Hurst

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